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Lucinda Burgess has been teaching drawing and painting over the last 25 years in Bath, Bristol and London at several institutions, including Bristol Technical College (Soundwell), Bath University, Wiltshire College and, more recently, Bath Artists’ Studios.

Since completing her postgraduate training for art teachers at Goldsmiths College (University of London), she has combined teaching with her own artwork, exhibiting in galleries in London (such as the Arndean Gallery in Cork Street) and Bath (such as the Victoria Art Gallery).

Anyone can learn to draw

Held in a friendly atmosphere, with plenty of support and one-to-one tuition, these classes focus on the development of observational skills, whilst at the same time introducing a wide variety of media. Each class builds on the previous class, slowly introducing more elements - shading, line, composition, perspective - and different media - pencil, charcoal, ink and wash, oil and chalk pastels.

Sometimes students work from life models; at others their subjects are still-lives, trees or abstracted versions of selected objects. Sometimes the approach focuses on observation and the ability to depict accurately what is seen; other classes concentrate more on risk-taking, experimentation and freedom of personal expression.

Lucinda combines both approaches, ensuring that techniques are well learnt whilst encouraging self-expression and free flight of the imagination.

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